Hanging sculptures and decorative mobiles

Happy and calm with hanging mobiles

"Sophisticated & playful design with a proud Danish heritage and an ambition of adding calm and visual pleasure in lives, events and spaces."

Welcome to Livingly's universe of playful and poetic hanging sculptures, decorative mobiles, and sophisticated paper craft. We create design that makes people feel calm, uplifted and at home, even when you’re far away from home. 

Consider a hanging mobile as a piece of art. It gives you a livingly visual experience. At the slightest wind the mobile moves and performs a silent dance in the air. 


  • Create a poetic atmosphere in your interior with the inspiring designs from Livingly.
  • Use a mobile as a unique gift for birthdays, celebrations and seasons - as well as company gifts. 
  • Both for children and adults.
  • Sustainable materials. Our paper and wood is environmental friendly and comes from European suppliers.
  • Handmade in Denmark. All our products are Danish design, and locally produced by our team of skilled homeworkers here in Denmark.
  • Retail and custom-made mobiles and cards.



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