About us

A creative designer company from Funen in Denmark

Visual and mindful pleasure in an often chaotic world

Livingly is a playful and poetic universe of hanging sculptures, decorative mobiles, and sophisticated paper craft with an ambition of creating design, that makes people feel calm, uplifted and at home, even when you’re far away from home.

The story about Livingly started years ago, when the company was built upon a proud heritage from the Danish artist and silversmiths Annie & Bent Knudsen, who put their talents into designing Christmas ornaments and mobiles.

In 2008 the company was sold to the creative couple Kent Sejdelin & Louise Helmersen. Kent has a background in project management & sales and his wife Louise Helmersen is an architect  & designer. They both saw a great potential of fulfilment in starting Livingly, because of the mindful pleasure of designing something with your hands, and the endless opportunities of visual beauty in working with hanging sculptures, decorative mobiles and sophisticated paper craft.

And so Livingly was put into the world for one simple reason; to create a visual and mindful experience in an often chaotic world. The company started as a local idea, but grew quickly into a global company with big intentions and beautiful outcomes.

The ambition of social and environmental responsibility

Livingly is of course rooted in the love for good Danish design and the feast for the eye, but the company is also built upon an ambition of a social and environmental responsibility. This is a very important part of Livingly and the people who are producing Livinglys products are highly valued homeworkers. This means that all products made by Livingly is high standard, handmade luxury products, made by devoted people to create pleasure in peoples’ lives & homes.

One of the key values in Livingly´s vision, is to care for people and care for the environment. Therefore all material used in Livingly´s production originates from sustainable and environment friendly production. This means that all paper and wood used in production originates from sustainable forestry and environmental responsible companies in Europe.



Proud supplier of high quality products and custom-made projects

Since 2008 Livingly has grown from local to global and today the company is the proud supplier of high quality products, which are being sold at different profiled wholesalers in more than 20 countries. The customers include art and design museums, gift and department stores, interior and furniture stores, book stores, hotels and city monuments.

For Livingly, it´s all about the love of decoration, the satisfaction of the senses to the eye of the beholder and seeking new creative possibilities within their own products and custom-made projects. It is with great pride, that Livingly have made the decoration of the high end department store John Lewis and Partners in UK, Christmas decorations for Hotel de Crillon in Paris, custom-made greeting cards for Dior, installations & decoration in COS and custom-made products and co-branding for Bauhaus Museum in Dessau and Tivoli in Copenhagen.

Nothing is too creative, too fun or too ambitious for Livingly.


Kent Sejdelin - owner Louise Helmersen, designer

Kent Sejdelin & Louise Helmersen