Made in Denmark

Livingly's products are 'Made in Denmark'

We are proud to be able to say that our products are Danish design – AND produced locally on our area. Our team of homeworkers live within a short driving distance from our company address. Working this way we offer our employees a nice and comfortable work environment right in their own home.The main criteria for being a Livingly homeworker is that you love working with paper - besides being patient and thorough. Our team of homeworkers are skilled and dedicated. 


'Made in Denmark' is also the name of a national TV show Louise Helmersen from Livingly participated in.

The TV show features 7 artists competing in skills and creativity. 


"I love a good creative challenge, and I enjoyed the time with the other artists very much. It gave me a lot of inspiration and understanding of the different crafts", Louise says.


Watch Made in Denmark here on

Louise Helmersen participates in
Season 1 episode 1-8 and
Season 3 eisode 1-3


Louise created these products in the 8 episodes of Season 1:


Louise Helmersens siddeskulptur stol i Made in Denmark Louise Helmersens stumtjerner i træ i Made in Denmark Louise Helmersens diamantring af sølv tråd i Made in Denmark ring Louise Helmersen læder taske i Made in Denmark
Louise Helmersen Krukke fra Made in Denmark Osteklokke Louise Helmersen lampe i Made in Denmark Louise Helmersen og Ane Cortzen i Made in Denmark




© products designed by Louise Helmersen


Made in Denmark - Christmas special

The same 7 artists were participating in a Christmas version of the TV show. 

Some of Louise's creations::


Sirius papir stjerner Livingly super stars

Molekyle ornamenter snebolde snefnug Livingly papirkunst

Juletræ papirtræ foldet syet Livingly


© Livingly - products designed by Louise Helmersen


Watch DIY project from Livingly's workshop:




Nina Lund, keramiker –
Marika Kjellstrøm Christensen, smykkedesigner –
Kasper Boye, træmand – OneFunkyFurniture
Claus Broe, lædermand –
Mikkel Yerst, glaspuster –
Charlotte Steen, smed –
Louise Helmersen, papirdesigner – /