Easter decor – paper cuttings & mobiles – Danish design made in Denmark

Elevate your Easter decor with expertly crafted paper art decorations. Delicate bunnies, chickens, eggs and colorful mobiles capture the essence of the season, all made locally by Danish homeworkers using FSC certified paper.

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Danish Easter traditions - paper cuts and decoration for more than 70 years

Many of Livingly's Danish Easter decorations are part of the Anni & Bent Knudsen Collection. Perhaps you recognize the Easter egg with chickens or the Easter bunny from your parents' or grandparents' Easter decorations. They have decorated many homes in many countries, and are from a time when Easter was a big holiday in Denmark, and people decorated a lot and covered the Easter table with cute and cozy paper cuttings as decoration. And many are still enthusiastic about this tradition.

Livingly is still designing and producing new Easter paper cuttings and mobiles with a clean graphic touch. So we offer Danish Easter decor for every taste.

Idea: Combine the paper decoration with branches with green leaves and flowers.