Christmas mobiles and ornaments decoration hand made in Denmark. Paper ornaments is a very Danish tradition going back hundreds of years - and still very popular. Hans Christian Andersen was one of the first paper artists making decoration for Christmas. 


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Christmas decorations hold a special place in Danish tradition. Families come together to adorn homes and trees, each with their unique customs. Paper ornaments have a rich history, dating back to H.C. Andersen's influence.

In the 1950s, silversmith duo Anni & Bent Knudsen reinvented traditional decor, creating whimsical figures like elves, angels, stars, bells, and hearts. Their designs became global favorites, transforming Danish decor into an export success. Livingly continues to produce classics from the Anni & Bent Knudsen Collection.

At Livingly, we strive to provide a delightful experience through our Christmas ornaments, mobiles, and cards. Our designs are elegant, suitable for various settings, from simple homes to vibrant interiors. We emphasize durability, ensuring our decorations can be cherished for seasons to come.

When hanging Christmas decorations, lighting plays a vital role. The facets of our star mobiles, for instance, catch and reflect the glow from lamps or natural daylight, creating a cozy atmosphere. Choosing the right materials and placement can even negate the need for artificial lighting, enhancing the overall ambiance.