Hanging mobiles - Danish design hand made in Denmark

A mobile or a hanging sculpture are two terms for the same thing - a suspended decorative element that can rotate on its own axis and its interconnected elements. Mobiles bring life to a space, offering viewers an experience that can evoke joy, mindfulness, or highlight a theme.

A Livingly mobile is Danish design, locally crafted following traditions of fine craftsmanship. We strive to create our products using environmentally friendly materials, including FSC-certified paper and wood veneer in Denmark, produced by Danish home-based workers.

Decorative mobiles – a Danish tradition

Livingly's tradition of mobiles dates back to 1952 when Anni & Bent Knudsen designed and produced the first in a long line of classic mobiles, hanging sculptures, and paper-cut designs. This tradition has been carried forward by Livingly since 2008 when Anni & Bent Knudsen passed the torch.

We hope our entire universe of mobiles brings joy to our customers.


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