White Christmas

White Christmas decor this year?

We have made a collection of our white Christmas ornaments and mobiles - the collection of decor consists of white stars, hearts, angels, Christmas trees, crystals and snowflakes. All made with our white, high-quality, eco-friendly paper. 

Let yourself be inspired and choose, for example, both stars and snowflakes to create the special magical white Christmas atmosphere in the poetic and creative universe of paper.

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Good advice when decorating with white Christmas decor

When you hang your white Christmas decorations against a toned background the white shape contrasts beautifully with the surroundings. 

White ornaments on a white background can also be an option if you want to suggest the shape by the shadows that are created when the light falls on the fine decoration.

Make sure that there is light on the elements - they become more distinctive and clear when the light creates contrasts between the light surfaces and the shadows. This can be done both with daylight from a window, or lamps and spotlights in the room.