Golden Christmas

Decorate for Christmas in gold and golden colors

Choose your Christmas decoration in gold paper - it adds a touch of golden magic to your interior.

Livingly presents this collection of holiday decor made of beautiful, eco-friendly, high quality gold paper. The ornaments can last for many years if you take care of them - so you can hang them up again and again. 

In large rooms you can hang several mobiles in a group. The gold color reflects light from the surroundings and the installation creates a livingly golden glittering experience in the room.

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Ideas for using mobiles with gold paper

  • Hang the ornaments on the Christmas tree - the gold is a great contrast to the green branches
  • If you hang a lot of mobiles, it is a good idea to mix gold mobiles with white or other colors in order to emphasize the exclusive gold look. 
  • If you hang a golden ornament in front of a light or dark wall it will be very visible due to the contrast. 
  • Use light from a lamp or daylight from a window to light up the gold paper mobiles in order to get a nice contrast and achieve the effect of beautiful reflections
  • Use the golden ornaments and mobiles as exclusive gifts - they come in nice gift packaging.