Season's Design

Livingly season's design

Beginning in 1952 Anni & Bent Knudsen has created a season's design every year. They made nisser, or elves - small pixies with artistic expressesions. Livingly has taken over this tradition and created an annual season's design - not only nisser but also decoration for Christmas.

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Elevate your holiday decor with our exclusive collection of annual Christmas ornaments series. Crafted from eco-friendly paper, locally produced with meticulous care, each ornament features delightful designs of charming elves and whimsical decorations. These endearing ornaments are both sweet and fun, adding a touch of sophistication to your festive display. Hang them up to create a captivating atmosphere that radiates joy and warmth throughout your space. Perfect for those who appreciate quality craftsmanship and unique, decorative pieces that bring a special touch to the holiday season. Explore our collection and make this year's holiday celebrations truly enchanting.